Keep Planting Seeds for Christ

Planting Seeds Keep Planting Seeds for Christ

Do you ever wonder if you are really making a difference for Christ?

Maybe you have been praying for a friend or family member to know Christ for years. Or maybe you have been trying to lead by example and make a positive difference in someone's life but you don't see any change in them.

Sometimes I even feel that way with my children. I strive to teach them Christian values and model character qualities that I want them to learn. But some days I wonder if it is even sinking in!

You might be asking yourself:

Am I doing enough?

Should I keep trying?

Am I doing something wrong?

I was feeling that way recently and God reminded me in a unique way that I had it all wrong.

Love it when God uses everyday things to teach us life lessons! regular smile Keep Planting Seeds for Christ

We have a hydrangea bush in the landscaping of our front yard. The bush itself looks healthy and grows. However It has sat there dormant for years and hasn't produced any flowers. No matter how we care for it or what we tried, it would never bloom. We had kind of given up on it and talked about digging it up, but hadn't made work of it yet.

Hydrangea Keep Planting Seeds for ChristOne day this summer I noticed some buds forming on the bush. A short time later it produced beautiful pink flowers for the first time ever and I have been enjoying them for the last month. If I had given up on it, I wouldn't have these beautiful flowers to enjoy!

God reminded me that it is my job to keep planting seeds & watering them…even if I don't see the flowers right away.

It is up to God to make the seeds grow into beautiful flowers.

If you are planting seeds…then you ARE doing the job that God called you to do & you are making a difference! You may never personally see the seed blossom and flower but that doesn't mean it will never happen.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant." – Robert Louis Stevenson

Never give up planting and watering seeds for Christ!

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  1. Susan Schiller says:

    What a beautiful story that sounds so much like God himself organizing events at your house, just for your pleasure! Maybe this bush might be called "the Hope Bush" because of its story… I can imagine each time you walk through your front yard that the beautifully flowering bush is singing its song of glory…. "Look and see what God has done – He's brought beauty out of ashes, hope out of defeat, color and light out of death and despair" or something I'm sure much better than I can come up with!
    I love how your heart and mind are so in tune with Christ that when you speak, Sue, I can hear Heaven's whisper in your words :)

  2. Inspiring post! You really made my day reading it! From Blog Formatting 

  3. I love hydrangeas, when we have strong doubts about what we're doing it's inspiring to get messages that we're on our path and to keep going in the same direction.
    And with children, you just do the best you can day to day, often it's not until they are much older you'll get the comment that says they appreciate the teachings they were raised with and the differences they noticed in their peers

  4. The timeliness of this post goes without saying. But what amazes me more than this was how He ordered my steps to bring me to the place that would permit its introduction. I've received this gentle reminder frequently in my quiet time over the year and the blooms are coming as you've noted. Though we often forget the time and care the seeds must receive before they begin to sprout. Thank you for the reminder. God Bless.

  5. So true.  Thank you for these encouraging words to hold faith and continue doing good work.  Takes the pressure off to remember that it is God who makes the seeds grow!

  6. Keri Kight says:

    I've always believed in doing my best and then moving up from there.  It took me a few years to accept the fact that I can't be perfect and that I can't always get what I want immediately.  I'm working on my patience and it's certainly helped me grow as a person.  
    We can work hard at something, and not see the progress immediately, and that's okay.  If we "just keep swimming", we'll eventually catch up to where we want to be.  

  7. Sue, this post made me smile. My husband was teasing me this summer as I nearly lost most of my sun tolerant plants to the extreme South Texas heat. I kept on nurturing them and tending to them despite what seemed like futile efforts. I'm happy to say they survived, somewhat weather worn yet alive and some even flowering. Our lives are very much the same way as you explained, we have to keep planting those seeds both in our personal and business lives. God caused the seed to grow.
    I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. 1 Corinthians 3:6

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