Fun Duct Tape Craft Ideas for Kids

Ducttapecrafts Fun Duct Tape Craft Ideas for Kids


My daughters, who are 11 and almost 13, love colored duct tape. They have gotten some for birthday gifts, at a local dollar store, and they love to use coupons to buy the "good kind" at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. There are so many fun patterns for both boys and girls. They really love the duct tape with colorful designs and patterns on them!

They love to get creative and see what they can find to make with the duct tape. And I love to see them having fun being creative and having fun together.

Some crafts they have made with their colored duct tape:

  • Bookmarks
  • Bracelets & Anklets
  • Picture Frames
  • Pencil Holders using a can
  • Wallets

These are a few of the items they recently made.

DuctTapeCraftIdeas Fun Duct Tape Craft Ideas for Kids

The girls had a lot of fun making the duct tape wallets. They had gotten instructions at our local craft store but you can just search online and find many video tutorials.

I also love the idea my almost 13 year old came up with a couple weeks ago. She is in 4-H this year and is showing pigs at our local fair. She has had a great time with her pigs and it has been a fun summer project.

pigs Fun Duct Tape Craft Ideas for Kids

She has to keep records of all the expenses so she had found an old file folder we had around and was using that. I came home one day and she was so excited to show me what she had done with her file folder. She has always loved to make things bright and colorful!

DuctTapeFolder Fun Duct Tape Craft Ideas for Kids

This is how she made her Duct Tape file folder:

  1. She cut strips of the solid color duct tape and stuck them onto the file folder horizontally.
  2. Then she cut strips of her patterned duct tape and placed them around the edges of the folder. She choose to do a different color/design on each side of the folder.
  3. On the front of the folder she made a cute label. She cut a strip of the zebra print duct tape and put that in the middle of the folder. Next she cut a piece of the solid color duct tape and trimmed it so it was a little narrower than the zebra print piece and put that on top. She used a permanent marker to make her title – Pig Notebook…Oink, Oink, Oink. regular smile Fun Duct Tape Craft Ideas for Kids

I think I need to have her make me one for my business files!

Do your kids always want new folders for school? Have them reuse their old ones this year and make their own designs on them with duct tape. It will keep them busy for a while too!

Do you have any other fun duct tape craft ideas for kids? My girls are always looking for more ideas. Please share below!

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    Oh wow, your daughter is VERY creative….I always only used ductape to fix things or to hold things together, never thought about the idea to use it in a creative way. You have me thinking Sue. Please tell your daughter how much I liked her new file folder; great job!

  2. Hi Sue! It's so FUN to see your bright and charming website. The colorful duct tape really got my attention, because it's something I can just see my granddaughter and I digging into and getting creative with!
    My first intro to duct tape artwork was with our next door neighbor. She had a sports injury which required her to be on crutches for a few weeks. She brought her crutches for me to see… she had decorated them top to bottom with zebra tape and purple tape. Wow!
    How fun to be able to record your children's creativity and to share it with all of us – this is fabulous!

    • Sue Glashower says:

      Thanks Susan! I can’t believe all the things people come up with to do with duct tape. My girls love the Zebra print ones!

  3. What a fun post Sue and one I've bookmarked! I've two girls 11 and 9 who are on their 9 week summer break and we're always on the look out for creative (but cheap!) things to do. Especially as the 'summer' here in Ireland is wet, wet, wet! This perfect!

  4. I like your pigs! Oink! Oink!

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